Custom Project – Accomplished

In spite of the fact that the pantaloons ended up being almost as frustrating as many of the earlier parts to this project (I knew my last post was a little too optimistic!), the Project is finally completed. It would have been much easier if I had had a model to test things on, and I’m going to have to remember that when I next consider doing a custom job for anything other than a Barbie or American Girl type doll.

That being said, my last “fix” for the problem of not being sure of the fit was the pantaloons, where I employed my usual tactic of making the closure adjustable:


I learned an awful lot over the last couple months, working on this project:

  1. Working with velvet/velveteen takes patience and special know-how.
  2. Having a model to try things on is absolutely essential.
  3. Be very careful using patterns from the internet – the directions often seem to assume that you know some of the steps, so leave them out, which can be extremely confusing and frustrating. And finally,
  4. The sense of accomplishment and pride at the end, makes it all worthwhile!

One final picture:


Many thanks to my ever so patient customer, Mary Helen Watkins, for giving me this opportunity, and for being the first customer of my new Shop.

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