Custom Project – Part 3

After trying for over an hour to get the edges of the straps folded (1/8″) on each side, I gave up – just seemed impossible to get a straight line with the velveteen! This is what they looked like:

I was getting a little frustrated, thinking that I’d have to cut new straps and try to get the edges straighter, and wasn’t sure I could find enough material without using up what little I had to work with for the skirt. Then I made a wonderful discovery! There were sections of the dress that had been hemmed, so I would only have to cut the ends and one edge…and there was enough for both straps! It was still a little tricky getting the cut edges straight, but it worked. Next was the inter-facing, difficult only in that the pieces were too small to pin, and being laid on the turned-in edges of the right side of the material, they were a bit slippery, so they weren’t perfectly lined up:

I even had enough of the previously hemmed material to re-cut the cross-strap. That done, the next step was centering each piece on a slightly wider piece of felt:

They’ll look better once I hand-sew them onto the felt, and I think the finished product will turn out well. I’m hoping I’ll find the time to finish the pants and move on to the shirt this week-end, but it’s not always possible – those are my baby-sitting days (when you see it written out, “baby-sitting” doesn’t sound quite right – even though their Gram and I both consider them our “babies”, they’re 10 and 13!).

At the very latest, I should get back to you by Monday.

Have a good week-end!


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