Custom Project – Part 4

I managed to find the time to get into the sewing room today (my last post was from last night – just didn’t get it in before midnight), and finished the Boy’s pants:



I know it’s hard to see in this picture, but the waistband, straps, and cross-strap are all “trimmed” with black felt. The big challenge here was that the straps were supposed to be fitted to the doll, then sewn in front and back to the waistband. In addition to that, the back of the pants was supposed to close with snaps.

Since I don’t have the doll they’re being made for, just his measurements, I had to get creative. The doll in the picture is an inch taller, and at least an inch wider, so snaps were out of the question. Instead, I used a thin piece of a velcro-like closure on the outside of the right side of the back, and a wider one on the inside of the left side, so it can be adjusted as much as it needs to be to fit the smaller doll. For the problem with the straps, I sewed them into the front waistband, then used the velcro-like closure again. I sewed a vertical piece on the bottom of the outside of each strap, and a much wider one inside the back waistband on each side. This way, the straps can not only be adjusted for the height, but can also be adjusted for the proper position to left or right.


The picture is a little fuzzy, but I think you should be able to see what I did. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see the finished product better in this picture:


Again, a little fuzzy, but at least you can see the black felt “trim” a little better. It’s not actually a ‘trim”, but a backing on each piece that extends a bit beyond the edges of  the strap/cross-strap/waistband.

And now….on to the Boy’s shirt. Since I seem to be on a roll, I’m hoping to get that started tomorrow morning.


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