Custom Project – Part 5

Once I got going on the project, I really didn’t want to stop….unfortunately, a severe sinus infection got a hold of me, and I was in no condition to do much of anything for a couple weeks! I had actually gotten most of the shirt finished when I had to stop, and never did any “in progress” pictures. Today I put the finishing touches on it, including the “adjustable” Velcro-type closure, which I hope can be seen in this picture:

2015-10-17 17.19.00

Well, maybe not. Anyhow, when it’s closed it looks like this:

2015-10-17 17.16.37

Before I could finish it, I had to ask my customer for the chest measurement of her doll, since the sleeves were too small to fit on my doll. Once I got that, I just stuffed an old sock with fiber fill to the appropriate size, which is why the “model” here has such a funny looking head!

After thinking I was finished, I looked again at the picture on the pattern and saw that there was a large bow at the neck. Upon checking the instructions I found, to my distress, that the only mention of the bow was in the list of notions. All it said was “1/2 yard satin ribbon for shirt bow”! This is the picture:


If you can’t see the bow very well, you’re not alone! I have an idea of the type of bow that would be appropriate, but it’s really difficult to see and there is absolutely no mention of the width of the ribbon or anything else about it, so I’m on my own there. I experimented a little with some different materials, and I believe the best will be velveteen, but I won’t know how much I’ll have to work with until I finish the skirt of the dress. Of course, the matching velveteen would be best, but if there isn’t enough left, I think black velveteen, or something similar, will work just as well.

You’ll find out about that, when I do!  For now, I’m going to start on the dress tonight, and should have more to report on by tomorrow—-fingers crossed.


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