Custom Project – Part 6

Time really got away from me on this one! While waiting for word from the makers of the pattern, I decided to clean up my “spare room” to accommodate my ever increasing supply of materials, etc., which was a good thing, since I then needed it again for the Girl Scout Fall Product sale orders. That took up all my time and energy for the last few weeks, with no word from the pattern maker.

My apologies to my dear customer, who has been so patient, but I seem to have had a little trouble believing in my own abilities, and put off starting on the dress because it seemed so daunting. I got over it, and started on it Thursday afternoon. I promised her yesterday that I would have it done in the next 48 hours and it’s looking pretty good now.

Didn’t spend a lot of time with “step by step” pictures, but here are the first 2 pictures:

I’ve cut the pieces needed to piece together for the skirt, which was the most difficult, and should have it completed tomorrow. I think it will turn out to be well worth the wait!




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