About Gramma Lily

How I became Gramma Lily:

I was named Lillian, after my mother. In her final years, she chose to be known as Lily instead. When my son was born in 1982, she immediately became Gramma Lily to him. Several years after she passed, I became a grandmother myself. Since my sweet little granddaughter had several “grandmothers” (me being a “step-grandmother”), and in honor of my own mother, I asked to be called Gramma Lily. Of course, since it was because of this sweet little angel of a granddaughter that I started making doll clothes again, What else could I do but become “Gramma Lily” to the world!

Black & White Lace (3)

Southern Belle in Black and White Lace

I started a shop on Etsy in 2011, called GrammaLily. Business was really slow, until I started making my “famous” hair pins for Barbie. Since then business has slowly grown, but I was paying more to Etsy than I was getting in revenue. Fortunately, my big brother (Robert Pace – he does this for a living, so please click here to check out what he has to offer) just happens to be a Webmaster, and he offered to set me up with my own website….which costs a lot less than Etsy! Together we’re feeling our way through this project. He knows the technical side, I know the product side, and we’re learning from each other as we go. We’re constantly making changes as we go along, so you may see something in one place today, and find it changed or moved somewhere else the next time you check us out.

There may be a minor flaw in any of the dresses or materials, but that’s what makes them special – they are made by me, and I’m human. And I use the same materials that you’d want in a dress made for yourself, so there’s nothing cheap or shoddy about them.

And, with the exception of some of the dolls and possibly some of the fabrics and trims, everything I sell is made in the USA!